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Customer-focussed solutions

Van Hesse Webdesign is a web agency with expertise in all fields of web development based in Amsterdam. We deliver customer-focussed solutions through implementing our extensive experience in the creation of web-based products. The web designer you work with is always available for any questions you need answered, and freely proffers advice on every aspect of the process. This way we keep it personal, efficient and effective.

3 Cornerstones

Van Hesse Webdesign has developed a three cornerstone plan for constructing a successful website. It is essential for a website to score high in design, quality coding and search engine optimization. These three factors form the recipe for a successful website and represent the philosophy of our approach.

Modern design

Nothing is more impactful than a first impression. That is why we strive to make the overall design of the website, the first thing every potential customer sees when visiting your company online, as outstanding as possible. It is of utmost importance that this design, often subconsciously evaluated, persuades the visitor to read further and be interested in what you have to offer. The comparison with a tidy shop or a well-dressed businessman is easily drawn: a modern web design is a sign of professionalism. To prevent visitors from pressing the back button, a solid design is essential.

Modernity and professionalism aside, we want our designs to illustrate, and be representative of, the companies we make them for. By creating a design that is characteristic for your company and its unique ideals, the website will visibly be a custom piece of work that cannot be beaten by any standard design.

Quality coding

Invisible to the naked eye lies the code that provides the very fabric of the entire web page. Despite the hidden nature of the code itself, it is imperative these codes be solid and reliable. High quality codes cause your website to be quick, compatible with multiple browsers and search engine friendly. This is why we code in only the latest code languages and perform exhaustive checks on the validity of all our codes.

The Internet offers countless possibilities in coding functionality. Boundaries to what’s possible are more often determined by the ability of the web designer than by technical motives. VHW always strives to use the endless realm of possibilities the internet has to offer in aid of your interests. Above all, VHW is open to any and all suggestions our client has to offer in terms of functionality and robustness of the code.

Search engine friendly (SEO)

Making our websites search engine friendly is the final foundation VHW prides itself upon. A website is the cheapest and most efficient form of advertising one can ever utilize, provided that your website is easily traced by search engines. In order to optimize the ranking of our websites in search results (i.e. Google searches), we have specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). During the development of websites, we pay a lot of attention to making it search engine friendly. This strategy allows our websites to attain the widest range of audiences possible.